“Plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom.” 

-Ken kesey


Hello, we’re a plant shop located in sunny Shalimar, Florida, just a short drive from Destin and Fort Walton Beach. We do sales by appointment and have some of our plants located at the Navarre Bakery & Creamery, and Paradise Plants & Palms in Valparaiso, Florida. We strive to make every plant sale special and provide you with as much knowledge as possible to help you care for your plants. We believe that plants are a vital part of a healthy and happy lifestyle, and we want to help you create a beautiful and serene environment in your home or office.


Hello, I’m Beth,

I grew up with parents and grandparents who all had green thumbs, One grandmother grew long-stemmed red roses, while the other had a garden that drew in scores of hummingbirds all season long. My mother and father had a garden with all kinds of fruit and vegetables ( I still can’t eat a tomato that doesn’t smell like a tomato ).

Once I stayed in a place long enough, I realized I also had a way with plants. I began growing exotics in 2021 and have enjoyed every moment since.

Hey there! 

I’m Charlotte, and I’m a photographer located in Navarre, Florida. I have a plant addiction, and if you’re viewing this page, chances are you do too! I met Beth last summer when I was searching for some Agapanthus in one of my local plant groups. We hit it off, and I started taking pictures of her plants for her Etsy shop. Before I knew it, our partnership had blossomed into what it is today. Some fun facts about me: I’m a mom of five, originally from England, and I’ll say multiple times a day that I hate Syngonium but I don’t lol I’m not so great at growing Alocasia, and the first vegetable I ever grew was potatoes.

Plant Care Tips

Soil Type

Some plants prefer chunky soil which allows for air and water to move more freely around your plants’ root system to prevent root rot.

  • 2 parts Coco Peat.

  • 1 part Pumice.

  • ¼ part Orchid Bark.

  • ¼ part Activated Charcoal.

  • ¼ part Lava Rock.

  • ¼ part Worm Castings.


Watering Needs